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Surf Safety


Australians love the beach! It’s very much a part of who we are.

By including Water Awareness & Beach Safety principles in the SurfGroms programs and educating those who want to learn to surf at an early age, we can ensure every SurfGrom has the skills and knowledge needed to enjoy the beach and the ocean safely for a lifetime.

Each level of the program incorporates the following skills:

  • Water & beach conditions
  • Surf survival
  • Basic First Aid
  • Water rescue skills

This ensures every SurfGrom understands how to stay safe on the beach and in the water, and maybe even save.

Swimming Requirements

Your child must be water confident to join SurfGroms. It is our expectation that your child can:

  • Float unassisted
  • Submerge without fear (open eyes underwater and demonstrate breath control i.e. blow bubbles underwater)
  • Free movement – move around confidently in an ocean environment independently and in a group situation

Initially, all water activities are conducted in shallow water (waist depth) only. This allows those with a limited swimming ability to participate in the program, enabling them to develop their skills and confidence in the water before moving up to the next skill level.

Ocean Awareness & Beach Safety

This program not only teaches kids an exhilarating new sport, but educates them in ALL aspects of ocean awareness and beach safety, including:

Surf Conditions – details the types of waves a Woolworths SurfGrom may encounter; how the wind and weather impacts surf conditions; how to recognise rips and other dangerous currents in the surf; understanding surfing etiquette; and how to protect the beach environment for future generations to enjoy.

Surf Survival & Ocean Rescue Skills – details the hazards  SurfGroms are likely to encounter and how to minimise and deal with these hazards safely and effectively. Dealing with sun exposure and over exposure to the cold; self-rescue from the surf; identifying surfers and swimmers in difficulty and what to do; performing a basic board rescue; and understanding the different warnings and signals/flags used at the beach.

Basic First Aid – looks at the basic first aid procedures that every SurfGrom should be familiar with. Basic CPR; managing marine stings and bites; understanding shock; and treatments for common surfing injuries.