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How It Works


SurfGroms programs cater to groms between the ages of 5-12 years old, nationally.

Whilst the younger surfers and paddlers are still developing fundamental movements such as balance, agility and coordination; the older kids are far more developed both mentally and physically, requiring a different approach when learning new skills.

In order to successfully engage such a broad audience, SurfGroms has been developed with 2 distinct age categories and 5 separate skill levels:

  • MiniGroms (5-8 years old)
  • SuperGroms (9-12 years old)

Although both categories work towards the same skill levels and objectives, a different learning approach will be taken for MiniGroms and SuperGroms.

You will receive your new SurfGroms hooded towel at your first lesson. To ensure it arrives on time please register a few weeks before the program commences, when possible. Your hooded towel will be delivered directly to your surf school within a reasonable timeframe. Rip Curl rash shirts will be provided to use during lessons, along with Bugs Softboards.


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Receive your new SurfGroms hooded towel at your first lesson.

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