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Child - 3 Day Ages 5-12


New to Surf Groms are the teen surf seshs.  These lessons go that bit further and teach a little more than surfing.  Get the kids off the couch and into a healthy surfing lifestyle in a cool, safe environment.  We will find the best waves on the day which might mean going to the 'Big Dune' Surfing Reserve and sessions could go longer than advertised.  

Meet first day at Gazebo Farnborough Beach Access 4, FB4.  Just to the south of the Beachside Caravan Park.

Woolworths SurfGroms adopts an approach to learning that uses group-based games to not only equip your child with the skills they need to surf and/or SUP, but also to encourage their participation by having fun. Every Woolworths SurfGroms lesson is designed purposefully to create a positive and supportive learning environment.

Woolworths SurfGroms teaches children from 5-12 years old core skills in the ocean across five incremental skill levels, as well as fundamental Ocean Awareness and Beach Safety skills such as surf survival and rescue techniques; basic first aid skills; and about varying surf conditions at the beach.

Our sessions have flexible times and locations to ensure a safe and fun lesson so listed times are only approximate. The tide plays a huge part in how the waves work so we use the tide charts and the surf conditions to plan our programs. Surfing is a lifestyle with the ocean our playground, every grom and parent will learn all about Newcastle's beautiful beaches and how to have the most fun surfing them. Main locations are Caves and Blacksmiths beaches.