Solitary Islands Surf School

We are fanatical about surfing! We are located at the heart of one of the most beautiful and wave rich regions of Australia, and our mission is to create a healthier and happier Australia through experiencing surfing!


Address:  46 Bluff Road, Emerald Beach, Australia, 2456 | Phone:  0438 561 370 | Email: [email protected]

About Us

Solitary Islands Surf School started back in 2011 on the same day Surfing Australia launched it’s national junior development program VEGEMITE SurfGroms, now known as Weet-Bix SurfGroms

From here, things got moving fairly quickly! Solitary Islands Surf School had the perfect locations on the northern beaches of the Coffs Coast. Big headlands offer great protection from the wind, and the beaches are nice and flat which is perfect for surfers of all ages and ability. This combined with the fact we’re located right at the heart of the Solitary Islands Marine Park, and you have some of Australia’s most pristine locations to surf in!!

Solitary Islands Surf School is owned and operated by 2 friends who were both born and bred at Emerald Beach. Harley Ingleby is a 2 times world longboard champion who is widely known as one of the best rounded surfers In Australia. While Harley is well known in surfing circles for his 2 world titles he is also very well respected for his ability to ride a variety of surfboards at the highest level. These days Harley produces some of the best imagery in surfing with his amazing GoPro video and photos that really showcase surfing on the Coffs Coast.

Darryn Quigley has spent most of his adult life surf coaching and running surf school operations in Australia and around the world. In 2009 Darryn found himself in the role of Sports Development Manager at Surfing Western Australia and while the position was a dream job home was at Emerald Beach on the Coffs Coast. Years of experience running surf schools, developing learn to surf programs and delivering level 1 coaching courses now had Darryn ready to start his own operation. Joining forces with best mate and one of Coffs Coasts most recognisable surfers was a no brainer and the perfect balance for Solitary Islands Surf School to develop into one of Australia’s premiere surf schools which it is today.

In 2013 Sawtell Surf School became part of the Solitary Islands Surf School family. Original founder Caspian O’Donnell saw the partnership as a great opportunity to be part of a dynamic surf school operation. Adding the charm of Sawtell Beach to the already established locations on the northern beaches of the Coffs Coast. A short 5 minute drive from Coffs Harbour Sawtell has some of the best cafes and restaurants on the Coffs Coast which is just what you need after a great surf lesson. Our Sawtell operation is still run by Caspian who is one of the most liked and respected local surfers in the area.

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    We surf in all weather and surf conditions providing it is safe. If the surf is too big, or the conditions unsafe, then we will reschedule the lesson. If we change the time and you are unable to come to the new lesson, then we will provide a refund. Otherwise there are no refunds, transfers to other people, or cancellations.


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