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September School Holidays – Five-Day Intensive Course

5-day Intensive Monday-Friday 8-9:30 am

Quick Details

Child- Level 1 Ages 5-12
Child- Level 2-5 Ages 5-12

Surf Lessons in Coolum Beach

nudie SurfGroms adopts an approach to learning that uses group-based games to not only equip your child with the skills they need to surf and/or SUP, but also to encourage their participation by having fun. Every nudie SurfGroms lesson is designed purposefully to create a positive and supportive learning environment.

nudie SurfGroms teaches children from 5-12 years old core skills in the ocean across five incremental skill levels, as well as fundamental Ocean Awareness and Beach Safety skills such as surf survival and rescue techniques; basic first aid skills; and about varying surf conditions at the beach.

September holiday programs run as a five-day intensive program either:
Week 1 Monday – Friday 8-9:30 am 24th Sep – 28th Sep
Week 2 Monday – Friday 8-9:30 am 1st Oct – 5th Oct

We meet at our surf truck in the main beach car park Coolum Tickle Park – just next to the skate park Coolum Beach.

What’s Included

Every child registered for a nudie SurfGrom program will receive a Rip Curl participant pack at the start of each season. For convenience, the pack can be sent to any one of our national Delivery Centres or direct to your door. Should your program be starting within two weeks of you booking, the pack will be sent direct to your door.

The pack includes:

  • Rip Curl Backpack
  • Rip Curl Pencil case
  • Logbook
  • nudie SurfGroms rash-vest
  • nudie brekkie
  • 2XP Groms Sunscreen
  • Woolworths fresh food Guide
  • Hyundai Wax Comb