Weet-Bix Surfgroms

This is the famous Weet-Bix Surfgroms program that Midwest Surf School has conducted for 5-12 year olds since its inception. Great value for money, includes a backpack with all the goodies!


Soft surfboards, wetsuits and qualified instruction is provided. 

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Geraldton Back Beach
260 Willcock Dr, Mahomets Flats, WA, Australia

4x1.5 hour sessions from Geraldton Back Beach. Meet on the Beach 15min before the session. 


If the promo gear has arrived at your house (usually takes 3 weeks to arrive):


- bring your Weet-Bix Surfgroms backpack as it has your booklet in it so your coach can help you through the levels. 

- come with your Weet-Bix Surfgroms rashie to wear over your wetsuit.


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Our Program Partners



Program Partners

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