Parents as Volunteers

Parents are the driving force behind VEGEMITE SurfGroms.

Your role as a coach, on-beach volunteer, or program ambassador is critical to the ongoing success of the program

These roles are optional, however becoming a volunteer in your local program offers you as a parent the opportunity to:


  • Learn new skills
  • Share your skills and knowledge with a new generation
  • Spend some quality time with your children


If you express interest in becoming a VEGEMITE SurfGroms Volunteer, you will be contacted by your local Delivery Centre Manager who will have a chat to you about what you may be able to contribute to their program.  You may then be invited to support your local VEGEMITE SurfGroms program in any of the following capacities:


  •  A Support Coach
  • An On-beach Support Volunteer
  • Administrative Support Volunteer

To find out more about becoming a VEGEMITE SurfGroms Volunteer, contact your local Delivery Centre, and ensure to select the volunteering options when registering your child on a VEGEMITE SurfGroms program!

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