How much does it cost?

Prices can vary from centre to centre.

...however the VEGEMITE SurfGroms program starts at $120.00 plus a $20 one-off membership fee.  The price includes:

  • Your Quiksilver or Roxy participant pack delivered directly to your door
  • 8-12 hours of on-beach coaching at your local VEGEMITE SurfGroms Delivery Centre
  • Access to the GromRoom - our safe and secure social networking platform exclusively for VEGEMITE SurfGroms
  • Additional bonus Wahu rewards and prizes incorporated into the program

For specific pricing information contact your local VEGEMITE SurfGroms Delivery Centre, or run a program search using the blue Program Finder to the right of this page.


VEGEMITE SurfGroms Membership

To participate in any program, your Grom/Child needs to be a VEGEMITE SurfGroms member.

VEGEMITE SurfGroms membership costs $20 (inc GST) annually, and is payable upon your first registration each season.  Once your Grom is a member, they can participate in as many programs as they wish throughout the season.

Membership grants the following:

  • Access to any VEGEMITE SurfGroms program in the country
  • Access to the GromRoom
  • A VEGEMITE SurfGroms email address
  • A VEGEMITE SurfGroms logbook and worksheets
  • A VEGEMITE SurfGroms Wristband
  • Access to the online members functionality
  • Updates and information drops relating to your VEGEMITE SurfGroms programs

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