Background to VEGEMITE SurfGroms

Kids from all around Australia can now take part in what is undoubtedly the MOST exhilarating junior participation program ever designed for our sport! 

In 2010, Surfing Australia received funding from the Australian Sports Commission to develop a robust national junior development program for primary aged children.  The funding was received as a direct result of the Crawford Report into Australian Sport, which demonstrated the need to invest in healthy whole-of-life sports that are a part of the Australian ethos and culture.  VEGEMITE SurfGroms has since been portrayed as the flagship participation program to come out of this new funding and presents an amazing opportunity to engage thousands of primary aged children, introducing them to the fun and healthy lifestyle that surfing can offer.

VEGEMITE SurfGroms is available through a network of licensed Surfing Australia Surf Schools to anyone aged between 5 and 12yrs old regardless of experience or ability.  It offers youngsters an opportunity to develop strong ocean awareness and beach safety skills at a very influential period in their lives, whilst also developing a proficiency in surfing that they will enjoy and embrace for a lifetime!  It will form the base of Surfing Australia’s sport development pathway, ensuring that more participants continue surfing throughout their lifetime, ingraining into them a healthy lifestyle that is proudly Australian.

VEGEMITE SurfGroms consists of 8-12 hours of on-beach training delivered by professional surf instructors in a safe and unique environment. 

There is a focus on achieving fixed objectives and developing specific skills through the 5 levels, whilst at all times enjoying the confidence and freedom associated with riding waves.  Specially designed activities have been tailored to the broad age spectrum encompassed by VEGEMITE SurfGroms, with the younger ‘MiniGroms’(5-8yrs old) working on their balance, agility, coordination and confidence - through to the ‘SuperGroms’ (9-12yrs old) who will have achieved a first-rate understanding of surfing and what is required to succeed.

Every VEGEMITE SurfGrom will receive a free Quiksilver or Roxy Participation Pack bursting with great merchandise, whilst Surfing Australia will provide every Delivery Centre with all of the equipment and materials required to deliver this program to the highest standards.

Through this powerful website, parents can find their closest centre, detailed information on programs,  and can register their child.  VEGEMITE SurfGroms can upload their coolest surfing pics; chat with their mates; and learn more about surfing and how to improve their skills in the water. 

We have no doubt that this is a program that will leave a legacy to our sport and our surfing lifestyle for decades to come.  It’s here and it’s called VEGEMITE SurfGroms!

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