Kids from all around Australia are now able to learn to surf in a fun, exciting and safe environment.  They'll make new friends; have loads of fun at the beach; learn about the ocean and surf safety; and develop skills they will embrace for a lifetime!

VEGEMITE SurfGroms surfing camp

This is the first time in surfing’s history that a nationally available program, encouraging kids to engage in the sport of surfing, has been available anywhere in the world.
With the support of the Federal Government through the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Surfing Australia has developed this robust, innovative and cutting edge junior development program for kids Australia wide. 

 VEGEMITE SurfGroms is exclusively available through Surfing Australia’s network of licensed surf schools to anyone aged between 5 and 12 years old, regardless of experience or ability. VEGEMITE SurfGroms develops a proficiency in surfing that kids can enjoy and embrace for a lifetime, and offer youngsters an opportunity to have loads of fun at the beach whilst developing strong ocean awareness and beach safety skills at a very influential period in their lives.   

VEGEMITE SurfGroms forms the base of Surfing Australia’s sport development pathway, ensuring that more participants continue surfing throughout their lifetime, ingraining into them a healthy lifestyle that is proudly Australian!

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