VEGEMITE SurfGroms Fast Facts
  • VEGEMITE SurfGroms is a national junior development program for 5-12yr olds that encourages kids to get involved in surfing all around Australia

  • VEGEMITE SurfGroms is available exclusively through licensed Surfing Australia Surf Schools

  • VEGEMITE SurfGroms consists of a series of surf lessons, encompassing 8-12 hours of coaching in total

  • VEGEMITE SurfGroms incorporates the following 2 age categories: MiniGroms (5-8yr olds) & SuperGroms (9-12yr olds)

  • Every participant receives a free Quiksilver or Roxy backpack containing the following products:  a rash-vest; Sun-hat; and t-shirt; a Nikon voucher; a cool Wahu beach toy, a tube of Vegemite, and a VEGEMITE SurfGroms logbook to record their achievments

  • Every VEGEMITE SurfGrom can also receive additional Wahu rewards and incentives throughout the program

  • Every VEGEMITE SurfGrom will receive a custom certificate when they complete a skill level, and a graded wristband that boasts their level of achievement throughout the program!

  • The VEGEMITE SurfGroms website hosts a powerful and secure social networking platform that allows registered VEGEMITE SurfGroms to communicate with one another; upload photos and videos of their surfing; and stay in touch with all of their surfing mates

  • VEGEMITE SurfGroms is a world-first, cutting-edge, national junior surfing program - so sign up now!

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